RCCA: A history of top-level cancer care

Beating cancer requires commitment. At Regional Cancer Care Associates, our commitment is to doing what will be most effective at helping you win your fight.

We offer the most advanced treatments, including breakthroughs like immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Our highly trained, capable and experienced oncologists provide the highest-quality care. Most importantly, we focus on your individual needs.

Although we’re one of the nation’s largest cancer physician networks, we take a uniquely personal, community-based approach to your care. We treat you with genuine compassion in a welcoming, comfortable setting. With more than 25 local offices in New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut, we offer you convenience, accessibility and the ability to see the same doctor. What’s more, everything we do is centered around your best interests and optimal health.

Our History

Founded January 1, 2012, by Dr. Andrew Pecora, Regional Cancer Care Associates formed after a merger of 10 separate oncology practices. In total, our team includes more than 110 cancer care specialists and 500 employees at 25 locations. Our broad reach extends across three states, making it convenient for our valued patients in Connecticut, Maryland, and New Jersey to receive the personalized medical attention they need and deserve.

Our member physicians and support staff have decades of experience in their respective communities. Thanks in part to this expertise, we are one of a handful of practices selected to implement the Oncology Care Model (OCM) for our patients. This Medicare initiative aims to improve all aspects of cancer care for beneficiaries receiving chemotherapy, allowing us to deliver the highest quality of treatment possible for more than 24,500 new patients annually and more than 245,000 existing patients.

RCCA President and CEO Terrill Jordan, now in his fifth year at the helm, guides our network of physicians on its mission to transform oncology care. Terrill leads the organization with a wealth of experience in many industries, including an extensive background in medical management. Today he draws on this expertise to oversee our delivery of cutting-edge treatments and the creation of compassionate, community-based settings for all our patients. This includes breakthroughs in immunotherapy and targeted therapy, as well as the most advanced remedies for cancer and blood disorders.

Contact RCCA Now

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call (844) 346-7222. You can also schedule an appointment by calling the RCCA location nearest you.