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Regional Cancer Care Associates is the leading provider of advanced cancer care and treatment in New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut. Our services include comprehensive therapies and procedures, administered by compassionate, highly experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on the lengths we go to help patients and their loved ones navigate the overwhelming journey past their cancer diagnosis. Contact the Regional Cancer Care Associates corporate office today:

Corporate Office
Regional Cancer Care Associates
25 Main Street, Suite 601
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Phone: (844) 346-7222

For Media Inquiries

In addition, our Media Inquiries office promotes new achievements and ongoing work conducted by our specialist staff. We are happy to keep the media up-to-date on our new findings and developing cancer treatments, as well as other important stories regarding our services and cancer care providers. Contact our Media Inquiries office today:

Mary Campbell
Regional Cancer Care Associates
Phone: (201) 579-9241