About Palliative Care at RCCA

In the world of modern medicine, many forms and stages of cancer can be treated and even cured, so patients can live long, fruitful, cancer-free lives. Unfortunately, there are still instances where cancer is not detected early enough, or the cancer progresses to a later stage where treatments are no longer effective. Many patients live for years with late-stage cancer, while others require specialized care to cope with their cancer every day.

That’s where our palliative care services at Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) come in. We aim to treat the negative side effects that cancer can cause, along with the aftereffects of different cancer treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

We provide a number of supportive services that make living with cancer more comfortable and more fulfilling, so you can lead a happy life.

Relieving Cancer Symptoms

Through palliative care, we can help to relieve you of the negative side effects you may experience from cancer and from various cancer treatments. These symptoms include pain, tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea, shortness of breath and trouble sleeping. We want you to live comfortably every day, so we provide you with medications and therapies to help you better cope with your cancer. We offer nutritional, physical and other forms of therapy to help treat your symptoms while helping you feel better, too.

Providing Emotional and Spiritual Support

Cancer doesn’t only affect your physical health – it can impact your state of emotional well-being, too. If you’re feeling afraid, confused, anxious and even depressed, RCCA palliative care physicians are here to provide the comfort and guidance you need. We are more than willing to connect you with counseling services, support groups and other outlets to help you express your emotions and connect with others who are in your shoes.

Assisting with Practical Tasks

In addition to dealing with cancer, you might also be facing complex issues involving your finances, your health insurance and even your work life. To help you sort out these external challenges, RCCA palliative care professionals can find you the appropriate resources, counselors and organizations that can provide support.

Connecting with You

Cancer can influence almost every aspect of your life. At RCCA, our palliative care specialists help to improve quality of life for every cancer patient, so they may wake up every morning feeling comfortable and, most importantly, happy. Contact RCCA  at (844) 346-7222 to learn more about our palliative care services.