Leaders in the Field: 16 Doctors from RCCA Recognized as Top Doctors by Castle Connolly

Doctors are at the forefront of efforts to protect and enhance health, applying their expertise to lead patients through medical challenges, lead their profession to new heights of effective care, and lead their fellow clinical team members to greater collaboration. Some physicians excel on all of these fronts, embodying true excellence in their medical specialty … Continued

Why Are Leukemia Diagnoses Rising in Northern New Jersey? RCCA Hematologist Jamie Koprivnikar, MD, Provides Expert Insights

Leukemia diagnoses are rising in northern New Jersey even as they fall nationwide, with Sussex and Morris counties outpacing the statewide average. Board-certified hematologist and medical oncologist Jamie Koprivnikar, MD, recently examined the data, discussed potential contributing factors, and told how she and her colleagues at Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) – one of the … Continued

RCCA Oncologists Welcome FDA Approval of Two New Therapies for Uterine Cancer

Recent FDA actions have significantly expanded treatment options for women with advanced uterine cancer, according to two oncologists with Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA), one of the nation’s largest networks of cancer specialists. “Since April, the FDA has approved two therapies for women whose endometrial cancer has progressed despite earlier treatment. The approvals enhance RCCA’s … Continued

Understanding Lung Cancer Types, Treatments, and Survival Rates: 3 RCCA Oncologists Provide Expert Insights

While lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths, recent developments have enhanced physicians’ ability to detect the disease early and treat its most common form more effectively, according to medical oncologists with Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA), one of the nation’s largest networks of cancer specialists. Along with declining smoking rates, those diagnostic … Continued

Progress in Treating HER2-Positive and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: 4 RCCA Oncologists Provide Hopeful News and Helpful Insights

HER2-positive and triple-negative breast cancer are among the most aggressive forms of breast cancer and traditionally have had lower survival rates than other types of the disease. However, early detection with routine screening has contributed to improved survival for both in recent years. Further, treatment advances—all available at Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA), one of … Continued

An Ounce of Prevention

Through its participation in the new ‘Time to Screen’ national awareness campaign, Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) hopes to remind community members of the importance of regular cancer screenings In addition to the far-reaching havoc the pandemic wreaked on society and the economy, another unfortunate fallout of the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis has been a decline in … Continued

RCCA physicians in South Jersey discuss melanoma

The New Jersey average of 22.2 new cases of melanoma per 100,000 people per year disguises a discrepancy in county rates, which show higher rates in the southern portion of the state — 8.2 cases per 100,000 in Hudson County ranging to 51.3/100,000 in Cape May County. Additionally, Cape May, Atlantic, Monmouth and Sussex counties … Continued

Nonsmokers also at risk for lung cancer

One common response to learning that an acquaintance has been diagnosed with lung cancer might be, “I didn’t know he smoked, or used to smoke.” But the truth is that many cases of lung cancer are not related to tobacco. In fact, about 10% to 20% of Americans diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked, … Continued