Michaela Oswald, Manager Data Analytics

In her role, Michaela manages a team of clinical data analysts producing reports and analytics focusing on clinical, operational and financial information to derive data-driven recommendations and cohesive analytical strategies for the company. After receiving a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Michaela worked in various academic environments. From her work in the Physics Department at the University of Charlottesville, VA, she transitioned into Biological Research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY. She then went on to work in Immunology and Oncology Research at the Feinstein Institute of Medical Research of Northwell Health, NY. As an analyst and investigator she worked with core faculty members and the IT Research Department by analyzing data and assisting in design experiments to arrive at actionable insights for medical researchers. In 2020, Michaela joined RCCA to translate her analytics and management skills to oncology healthcare.