Financial Counseling Can Ease Cancer’s Burden

Cancer can be a difficult disease to deal with. Yet, sometimes, the disease is only one part of the challenge. For example, patients and families may have to deal with complicated insurance situations. And cancer care can be expensive, even when patients have good insurance. Additionally, the co-pays for cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be costly. Some say that cancer care has never been more expensive than it is today.

At Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA), we’re here to support you through every aspect of your cancer treatment. That’s why we not only focus on giving you the best care, we also work hard to preserve your financial peace of mind.

Our financial advisors make a difference

We’ll start helping you deal with financial and insurance issues by meeting with you privately. We usually schedule a meeting after you’ve talked with your RCCA doctor about your condition.

When we meet with you, one of our trained financial advisors will talk with you about the cost of your cancer treatment. You and the advisor will see what you can expect. We’ll also review your insurance coverage. If your coverage has gaps, the advisor will work with you to find ways to cover the cost. Our financial advisors are experts. We can ease your worries and make your whole financial picture clearer.

Getting the financial help you need

After a careful review of costs and coverage, your advisor will work with you to see if you can get help with your co-financial obligations. He or she may also provide contacts to cancer foundations, societies and organizations that are dedicated to helping cancer patients pay for their care. They can also put you in touch with programs designed to help in other ways.

We’ll help you ease the financial impact of cancer care, whether it’s for you or your loved one. Our goal is to make financial and insurance issues go as smoothly as we can.

Regional Cancer Care Associates — The quality cancer care you need

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