Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial

If you are currently receiving treatment for cancer, a clinical trial may benefit you in more ways than one. While there are always risks, just as there are with any form of treatment, cancer clinical trials offer you another chance to treat and cure the disease. If you’re interested in learning more, ask your doctor about the ongoing clinical trials at RCCA.

How Cancer Clinical Trials Help Patients with Cancer

The goal of cancer clinical trials is to find a treatment that works for the patient and potentially for future patients as well. Other benefits of participating in cancer clinical trials may include the following.

  • More treatment options. Even when regular treatments don’t work for a patient, a clinical trial might. They open up the window of possibility and give patients more options to consider.
  • Contribution to science. Whether they’re successful or not, all clinical trials help advance cancer research so that, hopefully, one day there will be a cure.
  • Access to new drugs. Clinical trials test the most cutting-edge drugs and treatments that patients would otherwise not have access to.
  • Improved quality of life. The treatment can help manage symptoms and potentially extend a person’s life.
  • More control. Many participants feel that joining a clinical trial gives them more control over their healthcare decisions.
  • More surveillance. Throughout the trial, patients will be asked to come in for more follow-up tests and scans than usual. Their symptoms and side effects are closely monitored for changes, which can provide some peace of mind.
  • Costs may be covered. Sometimes, sponsors of the study cover the costs of the clinical trial, so you don’t have to. This is not the case for all trials, however.
  • Cancer clinical trials are safe. Participants are in the hands of top scientists and researchers. There are strict government guidelines they have to follow to ensure your safety from start to finish.

Are You Eligible for a Clinical Trial?

Cancer clinical trials are a great option for many patients with cancer, but they’re not right for everyone. If your doctor thinks you make a good candidate for a trial, talk to them about the risks and benefits. Schedule an appointment at one of the RCCA office locations in Connecticut, Maryland or New Jersey today.