What to Expect from Participating in a Clinical Trial

Over the course of your cancer treatment at RCCA, you may be invited to participate in a clinical trial. The purpose of cancer clinical trials is to test and study new treatment methods that aren’t available to the public yet. By participating, you are directly contributing to the future of cancer care, and you get to try alternative treatments that you otherwise would not have access to.

But if you’re considering joining a trial, you likely have a lot of questions – understandably so. While you should talk to your doctor and to the researchers involved to get all the information you need, here’s a general look at what you can expect before, during and after participating in a clinical trial at RCCA.

Before the Clinical Trial

Before joining a clinical trial, you’ll have to find one for which you meet the eligibility requirements first. Some trials may require you to have a certain type and stage of cancer or be a certain gender or age. If you are eligible, you’ll have the chance to ask any and all questions to help you make an informed decision about whether or not that particular trial is right for you.

During the Clinical Trial

No matter how much you prepare, you can’t always predict how your experience will play out. For example, you might have no side effects at all, or you might experience serious side effects. The highly qualified doctors running the trial take great care to keep you safe and minimize risks as much as possible. Your health and safety are their first and foremost priorities. If you wish to stop the clinical trial at any point, you are welcome to do so.

After the Clinical Trial

Once the trial is over, you’ll have the chance to review the results and consult with your doctors to determine your follow-up care and what the next course of action might be. The hope is that the clinical trial could cure your cancer or improve your quality of life in some way. However, there is no guarantee. Even if you don’t see the results you hoped for, you can feel peace of mind knowing you explored this option and that you helped further cancer research.

Find a Cancer Clinical Trial in NJ, MD or CT

At RCCA, we have dozens of clinical trials taking place at any given time. Browse our current database to find one that might be right for you. To learn more about cancer clinical trials and what to expect, schedule an appointment at one of our office locations today.